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Common Property Preservation Questions Answered

QUESTION: How much money can I make working as a property preservation contractor?

ANSWER: Your success as a property preservation contractor is directly related to your dedication to continually educating yourself about REO construction issues as well as how to properly manage cash flow. From our own experience, the sky is truly the limit. Our business has grown at a rate of 100% each year since we first started working in this specialty over 5 years ago. This is definitely a great opportunity to ride the wave of a current trend. But you must understand that property preservation is a business and just like any other business, there are many different working parts involved, all of which you are going to have to learn and master. So before you get too excited, you must understand that even though there is a ton of work available in this niche construction business, it takes hard work and the willingness to educate yourself on a continuous basis. And don’t forget the statistics about how more than 90% of new construction businesses go out of business within the first 5 years.
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Are National Property Preservation Companies As Shady As Some People Say?

I’ve been meaning to write this article for some time now because of how the Property Preservation forums always seem so congested with people complaining about how some national property preservation company did that and this other national company did this. Most industry forums are a place where newbies can go to get their questions answered by the industry veterans. Unfortunately, that is not the case when it comes to the Property Preservation industry.
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You Really Should Invest In Information

Originally I set up this website as a resource for my subcontractors so they could keep up to date on all the complex situations and constant changes in the Property Preservation industry. At the time, I couldn’t find any decent quality informational sites for Property Preservation contractors and the few sites that did exist were not very helpful since they were created for the large national servicing companies. Even though I was a complete novice at building websites, I made the decision to figure out a way to make it happen with the resources that were available.

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The Quickest Way To Lose a Client

As business owners, it is our job to do whatever we have to do in order to make our client company’s employee’s job easier. Give your client(s) the services they are paying you for, every single time. Do this and you will be instantly doing better than 90% of your competitors. Most of your competitors change the quality of their service based on unrelated problems in their life — problems that their clients should never even be hearing about.

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How To Manage Property Preservation Work Order Photos Using FREE Software

If you work as a Property Preservation vendor then you should already know how important it is to take good photos to document your work orders, if you want to get paid by your clients. And after you take the photos, you have to store them somewhere for at least a couple years in case you have one of your work orders get audited later on down the road. It’s also nice to be able to access the photos from any of your computers and/or smart phones. And lastly, you need a way to transfer photos back and forth to your crew members because emailing zip folders is way too time consuming.

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What Property Preservation Really Is

Property Preservation is a term used to refer to the mortgage field service industry. Some people will tell you that it also refers to foreclosure cleaning but those of us actively working in this industry know that there’s so much more involved than cleaning.

We’ve all been hearing about how much money everyone can make by starting a Property Preservation business and all we need is a broom and some cleaning supplies and that’s it.

Well folks, I have been self-employed for 20+ years and the last 10 years I have been running a Property Preservation and REO Rehab company. And I have to say that I have made more money in the past 2-3 years than I did in the previous 12-13 years combined.

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What To Believe… About Property Preservation Companies

Separating Facts From Opinions

During your research, you will surely encounter negative comments about most if not all of these companies. It is not wise to believe every single negative comment that you hear about a particular National Property Preservation Company. Educate yourself with factual information and not opinions. You will be able to form your own educated opinion after you conduct factual research. Think about it. There’s absolutely no way for you to know what is true or not based on another person’s opinion without making assumptions;… unless, of course, you live by the concept of “accurate thinking” and you also refuse to ever make or accept excuses. Those qualities only come along after several years of business ownership experience.

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My Idiot Proof Pressure Testing Method

Pressure testing plumbing supply lines is one of the most difficult property preservation repairs to verify. Unless, of course, you redo every single pressure test right after your crew or subcontractor gets finished. It amazes me that most licensed plumbers either don’t know how to conduct a pressure test to the plumbing supply lines using an air compressor or will do it wrong. Well a few years ago out of sheer frustration, I designed a quick little set of instructions with a checklist that that has been working ever since. What’s even better is that these instructions are so very straight and to the point that I can now send someone who doesn’t normally do plumbing work for me to conduct a pressure test and I will have all the correct photos and end result that I was looking for, every single time.

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