What We Use: Property Preservation Software For Estimating, Invoicing and Job Tracking

Contractor Estimate Pro is a piece of software that was created by a contractor who has sold over $22 million dollars worth of jobs in his career. He designed this software for estimating and invoicing his jobs and for keeping track of his customers. This is the estimating software I use for my company. I’m pretty sure other Property Preservation business owners would also find this software beneficial to their businesses for a number of reasons.

First of all, it is being sold for a 1-time charge of $99.95, which is the lowest price of any other similar estimating software products currently available. Most of the estimating software products with similar features that I have tested over the years were charging a recurring monthly fee to use their products. I prefer buying my software outright.

Secondly, this one has several additional features and capabilities that the other similarly-priced estimating software products do not. Plus the Contractor Estimate Pro interface is quite intuitive and user friendly.

I would be willing to create a future blog post showing exactly how I use this software for my operation, if enough people show interest in such an article.

Here is a list of all the features included in Contractor Estimate Pro:

  • Estimates
  • Invoices
  • Proposals
  • Jobs
  • Customer database
  • Supplier database to track your subcontractors and their pricing
  • Scheduling calendar
  • Pre-formatted contracts
  • Automatically sends emails to customers
  • Photos can be attached to specific jobs
  • Product and services database
  • Intelligent search function
  • Google maps integration
  • Advanced reporting for tracking your estimates, invoices & jobs
  • Unlimited user accounts for all your employees
  • Email and letter templates that pre-formats itself with your customers contact & job info
  • Software is fully supported by the product’s seller and even has a built-in help desk function

You can watch a short video about Contractor Estimate Pro at the software developer’s website, where you can see all of the various features included in this piece of software.

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