How To Start a Property Preservation Business: Tools and Equipment Needed

Experienced professionals know that having the correct tools is one of the MOST IMPORTANT aspects to being able to easily complete their work. So here is my list of tools and materials needed to complete Property Preservation work.

1387091064 Equipment To Keep With You At All Times

    – generator
    – shop vac
    – foldable ladder
    – air compressor
    – cordless drill
    – corded drill
    – drill bits (you will need these for drilling through metal and wood doors)
    – work lights
    – GPS with car charging cord
    – digital camera with 10x zoom (must have good quality built-in flash for taking photos in “pitch black” situations)
    – 2 Sets of extra batteries for the digital camera
    – extra memory cards for the digital camera
    – 2-3 flashlights
    – 100′ extension cord (or two 50′ extension cords)
    – several 25′ long extension cords
    – power strip (for adding additional outlet plugs to an extension cord)
    – sump pump

For Completing Debris Removal Work Orders (Trashouts)


    – dump trailer or dumpster company on speed dial
    – large flat shovel (to use as a dustpan)
    – brooms
    – dustpans
    – gloves
    – mesh tarp for covering loads
    – 16′ ratchet straps
    – mini-sledge hammer
    – 2 boxes of “contractor grade” garbage bags
    – 2-4 heavy duty garbage cans
    – 25-100 pack of dust masks

For Completing Winterization Work Orders

    – 1/2″ & 3/4″ shut-off valves (sharkbite style)
    – 1/2″ & 3/4″ caps
    – 1/2″ & 3/4″ plugs
    – various sized pipe wrenches
    – various sized crescent wrenches
    – specialty pressure test gauge (This is a specialty item and can be purchased for around $35. Do not attempt to make your own)
    – zip ties
    – 2 black sharpie markers
    – 1-2 rolls of duct tape
    – air compressor with 25-50′ long 3/8″ diameter hose
    – 25′ garden hose
    – 3 gallons of “rv” antifreeze (per house)

For Completing Maid Service Work Orders

    – regular vacuum
    – shop vac
    – paper towels
    – oven cleaner
    – glass cleaner
    – duster
    – mop
    – pine sol
    – 5 gallon “water cooler sized” container of water

For Completing Yard Maintenance Work Orders

    – lawn mower
    – weed eater
    – brooms
    – rake
    – shovel (both digging and flat)
    – hedge trimmer
    – hedge trimmer attached to an extension pole
    – leaf blower
    – gloves

For Changing Locks (Rekeys)

    – cordless & corded drills
    – drill bits (you will need these for drilling out locksets)
    – 2 pry bars (you will NOT use these for prying open doors)
    – “bank coded” knob locks
    – “bank-coded” deadbolts
    – “bank-coded” padlocks
    – lockboxes
    – hasps (these are used with padlocks for securing garages, sheds, etc)
    – window locks
    – slider locks

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  1. I would like to know all of the ins and outs about the property preservation business. Is there any books available?.

  2. Hi my name is Nolan I’m waiting to start property preservation..what would be the best way to start an who would I get in contact with to start

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