Property Preservation Companies

– Current list of the Property Preservation Companies who are always recruiting new vendors with links to their online vendor applications.
– Contact info for the Field Service Manager contract winners in your state… These companies contract directly with HUD.
– Everything you need to know about the handful of industry leading National P&P Servicing Companies… These guys basically control the flow of work in this industry so we created an individual page for each company, with news about them and direct links to their social media, websites and online vendor applications.
– Several insightful articles to help you better understand what it’s like working with these larger organizations.

Every single piece of information I placed on this page was done so you can quickly and easily conduct research about all of the most active Property Preservation client companies.

Why Do So Many Small Property Preservation Companies Have Problems?

Most Property Preservation business owners change the quality of their service based on problems going on in their life. They also love to give excuses every time a difficult situation comes up. Because of this, national Property Preservation companies burn through tons of vendors on a regular basis. Here are a few tips to help you avoid the same fate.

As smaller Property Preservation Business Owners, it is our job to do whatever we have to do to make the employees who work at our Property Preservation Client Company job a little easier. It is easy to forget that you are actually working with an employee at your client’s company and most employees have managers and bosses that they have to report to.

Do not let your personal problems or lack of money interfere with your job to provide an “above-average” quality service to your client, 100% of the time. This sounds a lot easier than it will be to actually implement. Train yourself to become a resourceful business owner and you will be able to avoid letting difficult situations stop you from getting the job done.

Thinking you can just give your clients excuses instead of finished work is a very easy habit to fall into and a very difficult one to break. The secret is to get into the habit of coming up with excuses or “reasons” why you must overcome whatever is standing in your way as well as ways for “how” to do it. This is a simple yet powerful little tweak. Habits are hard to break so don’t expect this to be an easy thing to do.

Give your client the services they are paying you for, every single time and don’t fall into the habit of making excuses. Complete your work orders exactly as your clients want it done and if you run into a tricky situation, make sure to document everything with photos and a thorough description so that your client can easily understand the difficulty of the situation. Also, get used to learning from your mistakes and keeping your emotions in check. If you follow these rules then your clients will never have a reason to get rid of you.

The Industry’s Most Active National Property Preservation Servicing Companies

The following companies are the industry leaders. In other words, they control the majority of the Property Preservation work on a national level. So we created an individual page on this website for each of these leading companies with only the most helpful, UNBIASED information, for you to use when determining who to work with as an REO vendor.

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List of Other Property Preservation Companies With Links To Their Online Vendor Applications

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  1. Hello. I am interested in starting my own business to get contracts for property management. What would I need to do to get started?

      • Hi, Angela I seen your comment was like the most recent one and I was wondering if you had any insight for my initial start up? I’ve done plenty of work for real estate agents here and my name as well as my work speak for itself. I’ve researched and researched until I’m just wanting to jump head first into the business. My Great Uncle, my Dad and I did clean outs and haul offs back in 2008. We made good money, also I have plenty of remodeling and restoration skills to stay busy. I would appreciate your insight if you get the chance to read this. I’m basically thinking I could start on exterior cleaning and lawn care until I can build my portfolio a little more. I have plenty of tools and a work truck. I’ve already started focusing on emergency credit card in case something happens and I’ve put money in my bank. I want to start tracking my spending habits and cut all unnecessary costs before I start this venture. That way I’m disciplined with my income and spending habits, plus I will know what I have to work with. I have marketing skills from my past employment so I can grow my business with the clients that I already have. I’m just worried about the LLC vs Incorporation and the if I can wait on the contractor insurance until I know my foot is in the door. Mainly little legal stuff. Wish you luck and prosperity. Thanks for your time and I’m hoping to hear from you.

        • Sounds like I’m the same boat you were a year ago. If you continued this path and don’t mind me asking; did you figure out which business model is better suited? Llc vs Corporation.

  2. started my own P&P company.. Dealing with a couple different vendors but ultimately looking to get in bed with the banks directly..

    • Barry,

      I have formed my own PP company in Oregon and was wondering if you had any luck getting direct contact with banks instead of going through on of the National Preservation companies.

      • Little tip. CONTACT THE BANKS. It’s that simple. You’ll either get a yes or a no answer. Sadly, with the amount of 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, so on and so forth, parties out there, there is a 99.99% chance of the banks saying no. All you can do is keep trying. Keep at it and don’t slack on calling them every chance you get until they hand you a chance.

        • And how many guys just starting out can stay afloat during the 30 – 60 – 90 days it takes for the banks to pay? If youre just starting out it would be better to go with a sub and get your experience up and get some $$$ saved away. Slowly start taking on work orders direct from the banks while still working with a sub. If youre going to start a business you have to be smart about it

          • you have to save that cash up before you step out the gate…enough to cover initial start up fees and at least three jobs in before things smooth out…..our plan is to not pay ourselves the first three jobs but take every dime and reinvest it in the base company…..but you have to hold on to that day job a little longer and do clean outs on weekends or take vacation days to start up your new business. its tough…you gotta work your ass off…..

        • No business can stay afloat with 60 or 90 days terms and that explains why National PP companies have a huge turn over.
          I have been in the industry for 14 years (both as a contractor and a operations manager of a national) the truth is banks don’t take 90 days to pay the service provider (PP companies) which means your financing the PP’s operation.
          There has been many changes in the industry over the years and it’s usually the PP providers who make the changes to benefit them.
          A good portion of contractors don’t last in the industry, not because of lack of work but because of payment terms and the PP’s contanst nickle and diming contractors.

          If you have the experience I suggest you drop these bums and go get your own clients. You won’t get the B of A’s of the world, but the small lenders (local credit unions etc) would be happy to deal with a small contractor who spoils them with service (I know, I did it).
          Build a name for yourself by providing a service the big PP’s can’t (pricing, quick service and be available) make your own payment terms (10 days), have a team of associates to help you (licensed plumbers, electricians etc) for when you need them. Be a mini PP service provider and watch your profits grow.
          I went from doing $35 grass cuts (and waiting 60 days to get paid) to taking care of properties from beginning to end. If you use subs, be involved and make sure the work is getting done properly and quickly, pay them well and pay them as quickly as possible (a happy team always wants to work for you) but most important give the client what they can’t get from nationals: quick, personal service at an affordable price.
          Remember, small lenders have their own agents they deal with, work with the agents, build a relationship and watch the work come in on a regular basis without BS.

          This is a great business, be innovative, be professional and most of all be the best at what you, make it impossible for a client to go anywhere else by giving them the best service in the industry.

          • This was freaking great. I hate when people discredit an industry based off their lack of effort and common knowledge on how to go about systems and operations. I’m just forming my business plan and am excited for what I have to offer.

          • I’ve set up vendor management groups to recruit, educate and work closely with vendors since the 1980’s. I’ve managed loss mitigation, reo disposition, property preservation and rehab/repair companies as well as sold the services. There was a time when the industry went to vendors directly but the ability to manage one vendor instead of 3,000 became a matter of cost savings.

            That being said, there are items to pay attention to as a vendor and in all honesty, performing the actual work is the EASIEST part, believe it or not.

            I’ll present you with the typical scenario that everyone goes through: Acme Bank has foreclosed on a property. They negotiated a standard securing, trash out and lawn package at $1,000 with their National Provider (NP). NP assigns it to a local Mom & Pop for $500 (maybe a little more/less) and provides the scope of work in a documented format (email). Vendor accepts order (thereby validating customary regional service fee of $500 – see how that works?) and gets to work providing services. Work is completed, photos taken and submitted through their portal. Invoice sent.

            Woo-Hoo – completed on time!

            Right here is where all hell breaks loose.

            Allow me to explain.

            Buried in that 15 page document were the specific requirements and expectation that Acme Bank demands from the NP. That’s why NP has a Quality Control Review Department – their job is to literally nitpick every item you missed – otherwise, Acme Bank’s QC Department applies the errors against the NP’s monthly scorecard – that scorecard determines how much business they will receive. By the way, this is a highly competitive market – there is more money at stake than you can imagine – billions.

            Oh yeah, YOU did the work – YOU are to blame. I’m not stating this to start a fight – simply to allow perspective and offer help. I’m for the vendor – without them nothing gets done – but they are the ones who get severely bashed, by getting charge backs and being sent back to the property to finish all those little items in the document that no one took the time to explain to you. All at a cost below market. NP has to pay you that amount because their operating costs to manage the process are a lot higher than you realize. That’s a different story…

            At this very moment, this game is being played on an astronomical level.

            Know what that means to you? You have to spend more time reviewing the documentation so that you understand every little aspect of what is required. Many times, there is also a menu of allowable items that you can perform on the property while you are there that make more money for you and the NP. It’s like you need an administrative assistant to review all the action items – if you become that admin and KNOW THE ENGAGEMENT DOCUMENT BETTER THAN THE NP – you’ll win big.

            But you have to do a couple of things – mostly DOCUMENT the hell out of everything that’s a problem on the property and notify the NP immediately for direction and guidance. CONTACT the person who assigned you the order – they really are your best friend, just like anything else – some are good and some are better. DO NOT send it in then contact them – you’re no longer working with the person responsible for the order (typically). Your work is now being reviewed by a person who is paid to find the mistakes – their purpose is to get the work done immediately as they have a timeline and that may include assigning to another vendor. DO NOT LET THIS HAPPEN. Establish your relationship with the person who assigned you the order, let them know you want THEIR scorecard to look good so that you can get more work from them. BONUSES are involved for them.

            It’s a great industry. I absolutely love it – no house is the same and each one has its fair share of issues – but if you pay attention and complete work on time while documenting and communicating with your contacts you will do more than make it. You’ll grow and be able to have discussions about pricing costs that affect you and your fees. Break down your costs so they can see that you only made $40 but you took on the work so you wouldn’t lose their business.

            Acme Bank has watch groups criticizing its every move because they foreclosed on a property and those groups want to show how evil the system is. The reality is that life happens and sometimes the transition in housing becomes just that – a transition. The home has to be cleaned up and made market ready for the next family to occupy. There is financing, interest, commissions, fees, portfolios with this house in it to be sold – there is a lot of money to be made. We live in a day and age of reputational risk that impacts everyone associated with the property you are working on. Help them and if they see that you are aware of that – you can tell them you are – then you’ll do well in this business,

            and this business needs you more than they let you know.

            Now go get it.

          • Hi Armando! I love the feedback you provided. I’m interested in starting my own business and curious if you have any other tips/references on getting started?

          • Just read this. 60 to 90 days that is insane. Who ever conjured this idea was not thinking at all about the person in the field.. Nice work creating the scales in their favor..

    • Hello Barry,
      I am interested in becoming a P&P company, I saw your post did you get in with banks directly. I have always felt that is the way to go.

  3. Hello. I am interested in starting my own business to get contracts for property management. What would I need to do to get started?

  4. I have been doing field work for over 6 years and am looking to become my own company and branch out. How would I go about doing this? I would like to work with the big boys and hire subcontractors to do the p&p work. I have been a vendor for larger companies already on my own but would like to expand in the subcontracting side.

    • Yes you must have GLI and if you are sole prop then you need just a ssn if you have more than 2 people you need at the very least a dba. Most companies want proof of workman’s comp as well some states do not offer or require it and you must get an exemption in order to work for them.

  5. Nationwide P .P. Companies are a joke. They pay unrealistic prices. The only way you succeed is by hiring illegals, which almost every company does. I’ve been in the business 35 years. Helped write the Fannie and HUD specs in the 80’s. The reason why they go through so many companies, is because the companies they hire can’t do a proper job with their low paying “specs”. Thus, every company quits in about 2 months after they realize their working 7 days a week and barely turning a profit. Fannie knows the game there playing, but, they turn a blind eye. Do yourself a favor. Stay away from almost every company on this list. NFR is fair, last time I worked for them.

    • I’ve been doing p and p for 8 years now. Number of employees, counting myself? 2. After the first year, I found myself bringing in $165,000 a year. 8 yrs and yes, that number has definitely risen. Look, it’s simple work. Communicate with your people. Don’t lie, cheat or cut corners. Don’t be like the idiot posting above me. And pictures, pictures, pictures! If I can do it, anybody can.

      • Jason,
        are you working w/the national companies? I’m only seeing offers of $5 per stop thru a company (BRP)

        What companies pay the highest per stop that you’ve worked with.

        I’m new to my are in TN and have been doing these past few weeks, but now they have no more leads for me.. well, maybe 1 or 2, but they are 50+ miles away.

        just trying to make sure I get the most out of these stops.. as I’m losing $$ at $5 per stop. LOL.. thanks

      • Hi Jason,

        I’m just starting out. I’ve sign up with one of the above company’s doing inspections. I would really appreciate some advice. I’ll send you my contact.

        Thank you.

      • I just graduated and earned a Bachelors in business and would love to get back to the work I did prior to school; however the companies I worked for no longer exist (Core-Logic, and IPSNW). I would like help getting those contracts myself and maybe starting back up with my brother. Any help would be great. I’ve been googling and reading through these kind of forums, but hard to get a real feel for what direction to take. Thanks

      • Looking for advice on how you are making that much. We’ve been doing this for a year or more now and are barely getting by

      • Idiot? It’s the truth, they embezzle money out of our workorders. You below, probley have loyal company.

      • I know you posted a long time ago. I was wondering how your business is doing? Which companies would you recommend working with? I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to email you directly. If this is something we can arrange, let me know. I will give you my email, that way you are not bombarded by everyone on here. I am a hardworking, detail oriented individual. I am looking for an opportunity to do better and provide my family with a more suitable lifestyle. Thank you in advance.

  6. Hi I’m live in the Chicago /Northwest Indiana area. I’m interested in starting my own pp business. Can you give me more insight and direction?

    • I am looking to expand my mold inspection and remediation services. Currently cover Metropolitan Chicago Area, including Rockford and Normal/Bloomington cities, Northwest Indiana and Southeast Wisconsin. Have been in the mold business over 10 years with all the professional accreditations & certifications.

  7. Hi,
    I am based in the downstate NY area and I am interested in property preservation, but it is as if all the clients have all the vendors they need and I am not getting any responses. I have applied to several companies. I have all the insurances necessary.

    • You have to make sure you are contacting the correct “Contract Holders” because they almost change every year.
      You also want to make sure that you are going directly to the source not the middle man. Even though it’s a national company they may not hold the contract and may partner with a company that does have it and cut the prices so they can make money.

  8. I’m in the St Louis region and I have been ROBBED by a couple of companies now. One that flat out had me invest over 10K in doing jobs and didn’t pay and the other that expects you to invest 1K in roofing supplies NOT including labor to make 800.00. There has got to be a better way.

    • You are going through some really bad ones then. Hope it’s not “Fakeguard” if you know who i’m talking about. But the companies that have the HUD contract they will pay. It may take 30 days but they do pay.

    • Any time I get big jobs that require alot of cash up front I contact them and tell them I do not have funds to pay out this kind of money and if they cant advance the material cost then I cant do the job so far I have had no issues with it they advance the material cost then I do the job

  9. My husband and I are in the process of starting our business. Some of these applications are terrible. This is probably a really stupid question but I need help. When they ask for our standard trip chard and they say theirs is $25 am I supposed to up the charge on my end or is that simply all that they are going to pay?
    Thank You

    • Hey Courtney,

      Most companies will only negotiate a certain price for trip charges. The company I am with pays trip charges a couple of different ways plus I am able to request an amount which usually always gets paid especially if they are desperate. The simple thing to be successful is this- Do great work, communicate and document. Do all of these and you will do great. I know of a vendor who has made almost $60,000 so far this year. The money is there

  10. “Give your client the services they are paying you for, every single time and don’t fall into the habit of making excuses. Complete your work orders exactly as your clients want it done and if you run into a tricky situation, make sure to document everything with photos and a thorough description so that your client can easily understand the difficulty of the situation. Also, get used to learning from your mistakes and keeping you emotions in check. If you follow these rules then your clients will never have a reason to get rid of you.”

    I love this if you give what they pay for then property’s would fall short of getting preserved. you can tell i have been in business 8 years i have work for almost every company on this list and what it comes down to it is
    your not going to become rich doing this kind of work.Some company’s you might break even alot of company’s they will want you to bend over backwards for and dont get paid what you think you should get your best bet is to weed out the bad ones and do a great job for the good ones that pay you and dont have excuses another thing is most company’s that you deal with the ones that have the most property’s in your area are the ones that pay the least or they want you to do the job for lesser then you would average get thats because they are doing cheaper for the banks or who ever there getting them from so they get the contracts.So do your research on companys go through sites like and find out who you are dealing with before you start working for them

    i hope these helps someone trying to get into this kind of work

  11. Hello everyone,
    I’ve been in business for about 5 months now. I have applied with about 8 national companies. Safeguard contacted me and I started doing inspections for them it’s was great…got over 140 stops within the first month BUT after the first month I realized I was spending more in gas and running my truck than the 4.25 they were paying me per stop. I had to let them go. I few weeks ago I answered an ad on Craigslist and got work done few grass cuts so far not a national company but it’s work.
    Am in the Central Florida area and have all the insurance necessary and equipment to complete any work order.

    • Hello MSPM,

      You and I are in the same area. Once you applied how long did it take Safeguard to contact you? Were you working a full time job while doing the inspections with Safeguard? If so were you able to complete inspections on time? Safeguard was paying $4.25 for each stop where paid on a monthly bases?

  12. Please use I just got bit by a company that after making me bend over backwards, is doing everything possible to not pay me.
    Even if it’s an older report, these guys don’t change. I should have listened. The stricter they claim to be, stricter they are with getting payment to you. The staff doesn’t help, they will do anything possible to make life miserable for you. You’re left out in the cold. They figure, works done, Fannie Mae/ banks pay them, so they’re fine, in the mean time you can go broke working with them with all the requirements. Please be careful, this business isn’t for the faint of heart.

  13. I have only been doing this for about 1 year now, but I’m loving it. Yes there are headaches at times, but its that way with any job. I have been watching forums and comments like the ones here, and for the most part I can answer the 2 main complaints with simple solutions. The first complaint is that the big companies don’t pay enough and the vendors end up losing money. The solution is to use the bid approval dispute system that most of the larger companies have in place. if you write it right and have proper documentation, explanation, and materials cost, then its not hard to get the higher prices approved. The second complaint is that once the work is done they do everything they can to not pay us because of all of their requirements. The solution to this is even simpler. Just do what you are supposed to. I personally have a folder of printouts in my truck. It contains the requirements for each work order type and each loan type. I also carry checklists for each work order to make sure everything was done. I also insist on printing the work orders rather than just glancing through them on my phone. It is easier to get everything done when I have the full order and the checklist in my hand. I still make some small mistakes and get reopened orders from time to time, but when I do I accept it because it was my mistake and is my responsibility to correct it.

  14. I’ve been doing this for about 3 years now. I agree with the posts above– DO YOUR RESEARCH BEFORE WORKING WITH ANY COMPANY! I did work for a few companies in the beginning and got burned. Now I make sure that I know all I can about who I choose to give my information to. Watch out for the husband/wife teams! They pay for the grass guts, but not the big jobs. Even with all the photos (I typically get 150-200 per prop depending on sf), they find a way to not pay, and if you have to rent a dumpster, you lose more than they pay. And also, printing out the work order does give you everything you need to make sure you don’t miss anything and get it sent back for a follow-up. (Plus you have the proof you need to cover yourself if the cops show up). There are so many people trying this now which makes it tough. Do what your supposed to do and the orders will keep coming to you.

  15. I started this the beginning of the year and there are a few up and downs if your using this as a stepping stone to do other things it is great but if you are trying to get rich remember you are subbing work from a bigger company. All in all I will tell you the first 2-3 months are a nightmare you run through money fast but when the checks start to come in you will balance out. Notice I did not say get rich you wont do that at this level they tell you of the millionaire vendors but I look at the price list and I cant see that. Think about it a winterazation pays you $100 anti-freeze is between $3-$5 per gallon you use 2-3 gallons per two bathroom houses the wraps for the toilet the gas and the time you are looking at a $30-40 profit without the time you are there 30 minutes to pressure test empty the water heater. This business is to get you working until you can move on or if you want to work forever if you have drive you will be out in maybe two years doing something different if you are lazy you will be bitter like some on this page. This is a good business FOR NOW but be very careful you are working for someone who is working for someone $h1t runs downhill. Good luck guys hope I was helpful.

  16. so its 2017…whats the market like now? is there enough business out there? if youre not getting paid id hire an attorney to send them a nice letter….itd be worth the money to pay a lawyer. id go after them w/o backing down…polite but firm….turn them in to the bbb…..share their name on blogs like this to shut down their vendor options…remember they do need you to. how much are you guys putting into marketing? is ur name one easily remembered? it sounds like the market is saturated to me….im having doubts now as to whether this is a good idea or not. ill def be doing more research. and im not going w these big guys as a sub…im going to stay local and make that a selling point. a friend of mine worked for safeguard and this guy owed her 9,000 dollars in employee pay before she just gave up helping him…..just bc you may be ‘the little guy’ that does not mean you dont deserve the same respect as the big shots…..give every job ur absolute best…hire efficient people who are on the ball….cleaning jobs are all about getting it done as quickly as possible to give u a decent hrly rate…people who talk a lot, slow walkin’ , slow talkin slow everything is not going to work. you can be quick AND good. idk…doesnt sound like many happy customers w this book…imo this company is getting rich from book sales and ‘mentioning fees’……how many times did they refer you to ‘some place else’ instead of just supplying the information? theyre killing it by being in the ‘recommendation’ business.

  17. Hi everyone,
    I am just getting started and am signed up with several companies that are keeping me busy providing occupany checks and property inspections. I am trying to sign up with more companies to eventually do this full time, but I am having a problem finding an insurance company that offer GLI on an as need basis or at least avery low monthly payments. I, especially since I don’t want to spend the money, I am making to pay for GLI. If anyone can provide any leads I would really appreciate it.

  18. Hi there! I have my own company which have to with loss mitigation then as you well know I have to see a bounche houses, which I took care but now I am trying to get
    started directly with the banks, I really will appreciate if there is any way to know what’s needed to get contracts properties management, what do i need to get started?

  19. Any good words about MCS lately or is it still all pretty much negative? Wondering ifI should give them a try. Worried that they will be bad back charging as I read about on another blog. Any words of advice?

  20. Do you know what company got the hud 2017 contract for property preservation in the state of Illinois.

  21. I have been in PP work for 11 years now. The market has change very much. The main company i have been working for lost there major account 6 months ago and just recently lost there contract for reverse mortgages . my work load has went down by 85 per cent from 8 people working for me down to 3 at present. I know what it takes to get the job done. I am losing my workers do to the lack of keeping then full time. I could just about do all the work by myself with what little i have coming in . i work in the arkansas area. if anyone knows who pick up the HUD contracts for Arkansas pleases advise me on this .

  22. I worked in the office for one of the national service providers listed above. I was a Vendor Mangement Supervisor and also the lead coordinator for 6 states of service. There are many factors to take into consideration regarding getting paid and covering yourself. If you want to ensure you get paid, do all of the requirements. Take the required photos and make sure you memorize what is needed on every job. Also, the list above is a list of companies that hire data entry employees at $10 an hour straight out of highschool. Their employees don’t know construction, don’t know how to justify your bid, and quite frankly may not even care. I literally would hear other coordinators excited to send a tech back as a “recall.” What they don’t understand is if the tech doesn’t get paid, they don’t either.

    If you meet your requirements and EXPLAIN your estimates (as if a 20 year old is on the other end) you will be better off.

    Call your customers to check in and check out. Give them updates and ETAs. If they like you they will send you more work, and be less likely to send recall work orders. They will bend rules for vendors they like.

    You are dealing with white collar kids in a call center. Play the game and you can be successful.

  23. Although this work can be profitable, it can also slow down or come to a halt, this is why it is so hard to find decent”help”. I’ve been doing p&p approx 7 years and have made very good money at times but when you add up the very slow times the picture gets lot dimmer…i think this market has become too saturated and the bigger companies are all constantly in search of new vendors because they are doing what is necessary to keep the fees as low as possible… overall this type of work is a constant struggle and is worth the effort only about 50% pig the time. When it’s good it’s real good and I think that is why I continue doing it

  24. Hello, looking to start a pp company in Pa. wondering if anyone has ever heard of or worked for Bpro out of the NY area. I tried looking up info on this co but am having a hard time finding anything.

  25. My resources and contacts within this industry range from Fannie and Freddie direct contacts to nearly every single company that you could name my firm has them signed and in vendor network, I’ve even done work for the US Federal Marshals. One point my company was near 200 local employees doing around 3000+grass cuts per week and 6-10 intitial work orders in complete per day. So any orders being completed 13 office staff billing all day couldn’t keep up with submitting orders so we hired a night shift and billied around the clock 7 days a week. I’ve been flown to companies HQ to do personal meetings for future endeavors and helped rewrite the policies and procedures standards for the industry. I am considering using my networking and resourcing capabilities to get companies starting out up and running with some solid verified accounts to ensure success and profit. What do you think would be fair for this type of professional guaranteed service to new and existing vendors looking to expand their portfolio and increase profitability.?The way the guidlines are based now is from the National vendors flying from Texas to my home town to visit my shop for 3 weeks and learn our process of operations to create an updated user guide and also tested the first infield cellphone apps. I have CEO’s and VP’s from Safeguard, NRES, Five Brothers, Aim Your Way, NFS, A2Z, MCS, Cyprexx, Energy REO, PresPro, etc., just to name a few calling on a regular basis some set scheduled weekly talks sometimes I will get calls from their airplanes! So if you believe that you’d benefit from something of this nature which you would unless you didn’t follow through, what would be fair to hand off these vendors direct hire and orders the next day many as you can take be valued at? A one time fee during the process? A small percentage of royalties from workload? Any insight would be appreciated just I see so many struggling to get into the accounts when I can shoe in anyone in the door anywhere in the country because of my initial tactics and on boarding developments I still have companies from 2010-2012 calling and begging to drop all their work on my firm. Average rule of thumb is that the States are broken down into conversge zones by zip code and assigned to different vendors in those areas normally, well I changed that and took the entire State and partial another with big plans but typically each zone you cover is designed to produce an average minimum of $250,000 a month if you are the only vendor in that zone, my company serviced over 35 zones per month after just 3 months you do the math. Thanks look forward to feedback

    • Hi. I would love to talk with you about your proposed business model. I am in North Carolina looking for a way to enter this industry and remain profitable.

    • Hello, we are currently looking for work as the companies we have worked for have basically dried up with the work orders, so I am looking to get some work. Can you help?

    • Hi Casey .
      Would love to talk about proposed changes business. Im in Virginia.
      I have a contracting company already. Been in business for 18 yrs.

    • You probably already pulled the trigger on this if you are going to, but here are my suggestions.
      The biggest problem that new vendors have is financing so a big payment some time close to the beginning would kill the process before it began. Or at any point in the first year. This would already be a pretty big investment to even get off the ground so an indefinite percentage would be the most beneficial for both sides. Say, about 10% forever. I would also include a non compete clause with a heafty penalty to protect yourself just in case someone you are helping out decides to screw you over and cut you out of your percentage. You might also want to include some type of QC and on time tracking system that allows you to essentially take back the client and hand it off to someone else. No point in messing up your good name by referring all your clients to people who won’t follow through.
      I’m in the Pikes Peak region of Colorado and would love to partner with you in this. Let me know if you’re interested.

    • Hello Casey,

      I am a Realtor and small business owner looking to onboard with a company that would support scalability and curate opportunities economically. Let’s connect and see how we can be of benefit to our companies as a team.

    • Hi Casey,
      I presently handle real estate closings in GA and want to diversify and get into Property Maintenance, I’m interested in your suggestion of helping start up’s get into the industry and would like to talk with you further. Thank you for your prompt response to this message.

  26. Hello,I want do start a PP.I have only the idea about the property products and how to and when to start it.Please give me idea.

  27. Hi Casey,
    I started pp work in 2010 and left in 2014. I want to re-enter the field with success now. I would like to hear more about your proposal. Thank you

  28. The biggest problem I find with this business is cash flow to be able to hire the right kind of people. How many of you can work for a month to 9 weeks before recieving a single payment? Working is the issue as you have to supply all expenses such as fuel, materials, equipment and the trucks to do this on top of very high insurances. Getting into the business isn’t super hard to do but going from doing all the work yourself to having people do the work for you is the hard part. I have yet to find anyone that will work a month before getting paid although I did it and still do. Along with many others. Casey there really isn’t anything you can do besides be honest and pay all your crews the max amount of money so that they stay or use some of the money you make to offer group health insurance. I’m sure you would be the only company doing this. Pay a portion and let them pay the rest just like with any other job. The only way to keep growing and possibly become the largest in the world is to offer something no one else offers. With as much work as you have paying a little out your business profit for something as exclusive as this or an extra 5% which ever they prefer won’t actually cost you a dime as you would get more and more people to work for you to compensate the loss. I have been thinking this through for years. I have worked for a few bigger companies like yours and they take so much of a percentage, they also don’t pay you for lots of work and I’m just out that money. Will never see it. Because of lack of training. I’ve learned everything I know on my own pretty much. The main thing that hurts companies like the ones that owe me money is greed. Greed and dishonesty. Eventually no one wants to work for them. So it sounds like you are doing something right. Prices keep declining but our expenses and cost of living keep rising. This is because of untrained vendors that do shady or inaccurate work. Think about it this way. If all vendors that do work correctly as it should be done were all to get together and form a Union and keep bids the same there would be no competition. When you start in this business get ready to start feeling like your working for free because you will be. These companies take advantage of untrained people everyday. And I guarantee they make millions off of untrained vendors annually. If you are paying a fair %. Like 75-80% of what the job actually pays you people would stay with you and work harder to make more money which in turn would make you more money. At a lower % like 60% as I’ve been paid in the past. What’s the point of working for you? This one guy i worked for wanted me to bush hog 5 acres (6-8ft tall) and weed eat and remove all clippings. For Safeguard. He tells me he got it approved for $800 and I’ll make 60% of that after 25% discount. I’ve worked for safeguard. That pays $2500 flat, no discount. That’s taking advantage of someone in a major way. I’m always fair and honest with everyone. You have to figure in operating costs. If you did the work at one time, say you started 10 years ago. People must make more $ per job than what you needed to survive on 10 years ago. Kind of like Precision Field Sevices. Their rates are just so low. I can’t understand how they stay in business. I couldn’t work for that little bit of money. I would lose my business. $525 includes 30 cyds of debris removal, initial made service and Initial yard maintenance including, trimming trees, cutting grass, shrubs. Just the debris alone would cost me $300 to dispose of not including fuel. It’s impossible to work for that and pay all your insurances. That’s basically $200 a day for a crew and that’s not all profit. But they have people doing it somehow.

  29. I have read a lot of comments and watched videos. My main concern is how do you determine your Bid, I’m in the Washington DC area.

  30. In New Jersey, out of work due to Iphones taking my job away! Have been looking into this business since I have restored two homes, have knowledge of the real estate world, buy cheap fix up & sell. I’ve inquired with some of the companies and find it hard to believe there is no business in southern or central jersey area’s, when I see vacant homes all over the place. Should I just walk into a local realty agency and ask to speak with whom ever deals with REO’s.
    I need the work and $$, just getting my feet wet and want to succeed, “Safeguard” says they have work 85 miles from my home, but these are inspections, only paying $3-5 per, trash outs at $25 a cube yard, minus 27%….Talk about choking the little guy! Any thoughts greatly appreciated.

  31. Eric, (posted April 17, 2020)

    I see you! Not wanting to identify you but I’m fairly confident that I know who you are… Not in a creepy, psycho way but if I’m correct, you were EXTREMELY helpful to me last week. I recently became a Certified Field Inspector through Mortgage Field Services, and I completely dropped the ball with the initial process into the industry. If you’re the Eric I spoke with last week, please know that I’m forever grateful for your guidance. I submitted the application for my background check (FINALLY) so I’m super pumped about receiving an ABC Number and getting started! The contributions you’ve made in this industry are greatly appreciated…Thanks again for your help!

  32. Most people will bash this line of work. But I have done it for over 7years. Most of these people live in two egg and have only 1500 people in there town. So yes they don’t make the money some do. I started my business in Miami FL and to say my first year did 600k and second 1.5m but look at my location. If you want the big money you have to be in the right area. And with the right company I work for only one company and they are not on the list. JBF Real Property. They are only is a couple states but they pay what others don’t.

    • Hi William. I know your comment is about a year old, but hopefully you’ll see my reply. My husband and I are working on starting a property preservation business for clean outs and renovations in Orange County, FL and a few surrounding counties. My husband has been in the construction industry for over 25 years, is a licensed FL Real Estate Agent, and will be testing to get his GC license in November. Does JBF Real Property work with new businesses? Will they be okay with us hiring a few subcontractors for certain things? Is there anything else you can suggest to help our vendor application to get accepted once we are ready? Thank you in advance for any helpful information!


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