What To Believe… About Property Preservation Companies

Separating Facts From Opinions

During your research, you will surely encounter negative comments about most if not all of these companies. It is not wise to believe every single negative comment that you hear about a particular National Property Preservation Company. Educate yourself with factual information and not opinions. You will be able to form your own educated opinion after you conduct factual research. Think about it. There’s absolutely no way for you to know what is true or not based on another person’s opinion without making assumptions;… unless, of course, you live by the concept of “accurate thinking” and you also refuse to ever make or accept excuses. Those qualities only come along after several years of business ownership experience.

Negativity Is Addictive Although there may be some truth behind some of the negative comments,… you will find just as many that are not true. There is no real benefit gained by trying to sort out truth from fiction. More importantly, this kind of “negativity” is hurtful, poisonous, time consuming and highly addictive and it should be avoided at all costs. In reality, some of these comments are put out there to scare off any potential competition. Others were posted by less experienced vendors who have fallen into the trap of playing the blame game because they have not yet learned how important it is to “learn from our mistakes”.

“Accurate Thinking” Leaves No Time For Negativity
Success is quite simple for those that make it easy for the client company to work with them. And the simplest way to do this is by continually asking the right questions and practicing “accurate thinking”. The majority of these bad situations could have been avoided if the vendor would have put together a detailed set of questions to ask each National Property Preservation Company, BEFORE accepting the first work order. This would allow the vendor to fully understand the specific procedures of each potential client which would, in turn, minimize the most frequent miscommunications.

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